DTC515 Single-Sided Card Printers with Dual-Hopper and Security Package
$3,095 +
DTC515-LC Single-Sided Card Printers with Dual-Hopper, Security Package and Card Lamination Module
$6,095 +
DTC525 Dual-Sided Card Printers with Dual-Hopper and Security Package
$5,095 +
DTC525-LC Dual-Sided Card Printers with Dual-Hopper,
Security Package, Card Laminating Module
$8,095 +

This entirely new generation of card printers will forever change your expectations of compact, desktop card printers. Each of the affordable DTC500 Series Card Printers is loaded with exciting new technology and advanced features. Whether you print membership cards, employee access cards, student IDs or loyalty cards, these futuristic FARGO Card Printers will impress you with their rugged reliability, ease-of-use and quiet performance!

Exclusive new technology

Dual, 100-card input hoppers (DTC515 and DTC525) - load up to 200 of the same type of card for high-volume card production with fewer refills. Or, load a different stack of cards into each hopper for automated printing of two different card types - even cards with different thicknesses!
8MB of RAM for fast full-color or monochrome printing.
Removable card cleaning cartridge with economical, replaceable card cleaning tape makes card cleaning and maintenance a breeze and improves print quality.
Printer security package (DTC515 and DTC525) - includes Card Hopper Lock to help prevent card theft, SmartGuard printer security, and SmartShield™ card security technology.

Fast and highly versatile

Prints 133 color cards - or over 500 monochrome cards - per hour.
Prints onto standard CR-80 cards from 10 mil to 60 mil thick with a just a quick slide of the Card Thickness Adjustment Lever.
Available with resident bar codes and fonts for personalized card printing from AS/400, mainframe and other systems.

Famous FARGO print quality and reliability

Print edge-to-edge to consistently produce crisp, full color or monochrome cards that set the standard for color and clarity.
Retractable, track-mounted printhead automatically moves aside for drop-in ribbon loading while protecting the printhead.
Long lasting monochrome ribbon prints up to 3,000 cards - far more than competitive printers.
A rugged, ergonomic housing makes access easy and maintenance minimal.
A compact version of FARGO's proven, high-performance print engine.

Retractable, track-mounted printhead moves out of harm's way for safe and easy drop-in ribbon loading.

Removable card cleaning cartridge slides easily in and out and cleans far more cards than other printers.

Easy to use and upgrade

Plug-and-print operation with almost any PC.
Interactive Installer CD makes printer driver installation a snap.
Intuitive softkey controls and easy-to-read LCD displays helpful messages such as when to add cards and change ribbon.
A dedicated "Help" button on the printer's LCD and a multimedia Online User's Guide make it easy to get fast answers whenever you have questions.
Flash upgradeable firmware allows you to download the latest upgrades quickly and easily.

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