3"CCD Scanner
List Price $199

The Speed of a Laser Scanner at a Fraction of the Cost!

Our 3" CCD scanners offer the bar code reading power of expensive laser scanners, at an affordable price. These
scanners feature advanced optical design for high resolution and reliability.

Special programming options:

Many options are selectable simply by reading a bar code. You can enable or disable check digits, select symbologies,
and much more.

Available in three models:

TTL output - connects to an external decoder
Keyboard style with built-in decoder
RS-232 serial style with built-in decoder

Easy to install:

All of our CCD scanner models are "Plug-and-Play" devices. Simply connect to your computer or decoder and you're
ready to read bar codes. No drivers or special software are needed.

The best warranty in the industry:

With a One Year Warranty and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, you buy with confidence!

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